Announcements - Vouchers

AP Payments to Westar Energy – Account Number entry

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer has been contacted by Westar Energy regarding their difficulty in matching utility payments from the State of Kansas to the correct Westar Account Number.

To allow payments to be matched to the appropriate account more efficiently, Westar Energy has requested the 10-digit Westar Account Number be entered in the Invoice Number/Invoice No field on the voucher without any leading characters or other information. ‘Acct#’, ‘#’, the billing period, or other information should not be entered in front of the Westar Account Number.  

The Invoice Number field is a 30-character field. Agencies have the option of adding additional information after the 10-digit Westar Account Number.

Agencies also have the option of using the Payment Message field for additional information.

Please share this information with SMART users that may not be signed up for the SMART Infoblasts, especially those users responsible for voucher entry.