Announcements - Vouchers

INF50 – SMART Excel Spreadsheet Voucher Upload for SMART Upgrade – All AP Users by Monday, May 15

As discussed at ASTRA, all SMART Accounts Payable users that use the Excel Spreadsheet Voucher Upload template are required to log a ManageEngine Service Desk ticket requesting the upgraded template.

Please request the new template for the PeopleTools 8.55 version of SMART.  Note that the new template can only be used beginning Monday, May 15, 2017.  Older versions of the template will no longer work starting May 15.

There have been several custom versions of this spreadsheet created for various agency-specific needs.  On this PeopleTools 8.55 version, we have made the following changes to the master spreadsheet:

Voucher Header (Blue):
Origin is added (column L).
User ID is added (Column M).
Invoice Receipt Date is added (Column BW).

Voucher Line (Yellow):
PO Business Unit is removed (column CZ).
PO Number is removed (column DA).
Line Number is removed (column DB).
Schedule Number is removed (column DC).
Receipt Number is removed (column DO).
Receipt Line is removed (column DP).
Receipt Shipping Sequence is removed (column DQ).

These fields should not be used, because there are too many complications related to correct PO Processing when these fields are used on the voucher spreadsheet upload.

Distribution Line (Purple):
No Changes

Please share this information with others in your agency who might not receive these messages from SMART, particularly those in your Accounts Payable area who could be responsible for processing these files.