Announcements - Vouchers

Kansas Treasury Offset Program (KTOP) Impact on SMART processing

Beginning March 2, 2015, SMART vendor payments will be subject to offset if the vendor has a debt in a federal program, similar to how vendor payments are currently subject to Setoff for state debts in KDRS.

In order to have enough time to send data back and forth with the federal government, a voucher must be approved, budget checked, matched, ready for paycycle by 10 am for the possibility of same day processing.   Then if a debt is not found for that vendor in KDRS (Kansas Debt Recovery System) or by KTOP (Kansas Treasury Offset Program), the voucher will be released for paycycle that same day.  If a debt is found in either system, the voucher will be delayed by 2 - 4 business days.  A voucher that becomes eligible for paycycle after 10 am will not be subject to the new offset process until the following day.

The SMART Team