Announcements - Requisitions

Requisition Modifications for Contracts

The SMART Team is pleased to announce the following requisition (req) modifications that have been made to assist agencies with contract selection:


  1. On the ‘Requisition Settings’ page, SMART will check an applied supplier for active contracts available to the agency’s Business Unit (BU). An informational warning is provided if there are no contracts for the supplier:
    1. that are either available to all agencies or
    2. available specifically to the requisitioner’s BU.

This warning is for informational purposes only and will not prevent a req being created for a supplier the BU has no contract with.

  1. On the ‘Edit Lines/Shipping/Accounting for Selected Lines’ page available from the “Mass Change” link on the ‘Checkout – Review and Submit’ page, a requisitioner will not be able to apply a contract that is:
    1. not available to all BUs or
    2. created specifically for another BU.

This is similar to how the Contract ID field already functions on the Line Details page.

These modifications are intended to improve the user experience by assisting agencies with applying contracts, however, agencies are still responsible for ensuring they have authorization for any contract they attempt to use, as well as ensuring the contract is appropriate for their purchase.

All contracts should be reviewed before selection on the Office of Procurement and Contracts webpage Procurement and Contract List located at

Thank you, and if any questions or concerns arise from these modifications please submit a ManageEngine Service Desk Ticket.