Announcements - Requisitions

Copying Requisitions Created Before 12/11/2017

The latest SMART upgrade from 12/11/2017 included a code change to requisitions (reqs) where the “Open Quantity” value at the distribution line becomes zeroed out if the “Distribute By” method is set to “Amt” as shown in the screenshot below:

Due to this change, the SMART Team recommends only using reqs created after 12/11/2017 when creating new reqs by copying from existing ones.

However, if your agency needs to create a new req by copying from one made before 12/11/2017 AND quantity changes are necessary, be sure to change the “Distribute By” method to “Qty”.

If the “Distribute By” method is not changed to “Qty” the “Open Quantity” field will not update with quantity changes made at the line and schedule level.

This can be especially problematic if the req will be used to create a bid event.

Thank you, and if questions or concerns arise from this recommendation please submit a ManageEngine Service Desk ticket.