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Billing worksheet update

Last night's job

Dear Project Costing Users:


The processes to create billing worksheets were run yesterday during the daytime, so there are new worksheets available today for the project transactions that occurred earlier this week. However, last night’s jobs ran long again and had to be halted to allow the rest of batch to complete. Therefore, most of yesterday’s reimbursable project transactions will not appear on a worksheet this morning. We are completing the processes this morning & all billing worksheets for this week’s transactions should be available by 2:00.


In the meantime, it is okay to approve or write-off any existing billing worksheets needed for deposits. The jobs we are running should not impact existing worksheet data. For the immediate future, the billing worksheet processes may occur during the daytime, as needed. We are working with Oracle to find a solution to this issue.


Thank you,

The SMART Team