Announcements - Procurement Cards

Multiple Email Notifications for PCard Transactions

SMART uses the status of ‘Staged’ as the indicator that an email notification needs to go out for a PCard transaction.

However, a coding issue in the recent upgrade is causing some transactions to change from ‘Initial’ back to a ‘Staged’ status. This is causing some users to receive multiple PCard email notifications for the same transaction. Oracle is aware of the problem and is actively working to provide SMART users a solution to this inconvenience.  

PCard transactions with a ‘Staged’ or ‘Initial’ Statement Status are ready to reconcile. Searching by other criteria, such as Name, will continue to pull back all transactions for that cardholder including transactions in both ‘Staged’ and ‘Initial’ statement status.

A PCard transaction in either ‘Staged’ or ‘Initial’ Statement Status is displayed to the user in a ‘Staged’ status on the Reconcile Statement page.