Announcements - Procurement Cards

P-Card Transaction Year End Reminder

As a reminder for fiscal year end, Information Circular No. 17-A-011 states that P-Card transactions must be verified and approved by 6:00 PM on Monday, June 26 to be eligible for the final FY2017 P-Card Voucher Build on Tuesday, June 27.
As mentioned in a previous SMART blast, P-Card transactions which cannot pass chartfield status validation due to any part of the default P-Card chartfield information being inactive or incomplete cannot be reconciled. P-Card transactions unable to pass this validation display a Chartfield Status of ‘Recycled.’ There are currently hundreds of these transactions still unresolved in SMART.

Any FY 2017 P-Card transaction available for reconciliation in SMART on or before Monday, June 19, 2017 will be considered FY2017 business. If these transactions cannot be verified and approved by 6:00 PM on Monday, June 26, they will need to be encumbered. Please see PM 14,002, Fiscal Year Closing Including Fiscal Year Determination for details.

For more information about updating default P-Card chartfield information, please see the April 26, 2017 SMART blast, Default Chartfield Date for CardHolder Profile

Once the necessary chartfield changes have been made, please submit a ManageEngine Service Desk request to notify the SMART Team that your agency has P-Card transactions in ‘Recycled’ status and the ChartField Status on those transactions will be re-set.