Announcements - Interfunds

Interfund Processing Changes

Effective Saturday, November 2, 2013, some SMART improvement project changes are being implemented in the SMART Interfunds module

This is the first of three phases of changes and tuning that will be applied to the Interfunds module in SMART in the coming weeks.

The SMART Interfund improvements will address the following items:

  • Reduce inconsistencies in interfund data among the SMART tables (behind the scenes in SMART)
  • Reduce cash reconciliation items
  • Ensure that the interfund data flows according to the original interfund design
  • Eliminate year-end clean-up of abandoned interfund deposits that cannot be deleted online
  • Reduce SMART Service Desk requests going forward

Users will see some changes on the Interfund Details page in SMART.  Attached is a document outlining the changes that are being made to the Interfunds module in SMART.

 Please ensure that all SMART users involved with SMART Interfunds review the attached document.  For your convenience, this document will also be added to the SMART Web website, on the Interfunds, Job Aid page.

 Please note:  The existing Interfund training documents and job aids located on the SMART Web website will be updated once all Interfund coding changes have been implemented.  Thank you.

The SMART Team

Interfund Processing Changes - Effective 11-02-13