Announcements - Interfaces

INF03 Outbound Payment Information

The INF03 (Outbound Payment Information) interface has typically been generated near the beginning of nightly batch, and routinely finishes before 8:30 p.m.

Due to some other updates to nightly batch processing, we have moved the job which creates this interface to a later start time.  This later start time is transaction volume dependent, so it is difficult to give an estimate of when the file will be available every day.  Many days we expect it will be available by 10 p.m., but as noted before, the begin and end time for this job is related to the volume of AP transactions processing on a given night. 

Please be sure your technical staff is aware of this batch modification so that if agency processes are dependent on this file they know about the change when the file is created within SMART nightly batch. 

Thank you,

The SMART Team