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SMART PeopleTools Patch

SMART will be updating to a new PeopleTools patch level on Monday night, December 16.

Users should not expect any major changes with this update.

One known issue is with grid alignment in the Microsoft Edge browser. Some grid lines display offset from their normal position, as shown in the screenshot below:

If the alignment becomes visually problematic for users, it is recommended to utilize a different web browser. The issue will be fixed in a future upgrade.

The Supplier Contracts Contract Entry page has also been reformatted. Several fields have moved to other sections of the page. Note the new location of the ‘PO Defaults’, ‘Corporate Contract’ and ‘Allow Open Item Reference’ fields. A few new fields were also added, such as ‘Authored Status’ and ‘Document Version’ from the Document Management page.

If users experience any issues resulting from the patch, please report them by opening a ManageEngine Service Desk request.