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Data Warehouse will no longer be updated

The Data Warehouse team is sending this update to inform agencies that the current Data Warehouse for SMART will no longer be updated.

We experienced a technical event last Friday, September 25, 2015 that we are not able to recover from.  We also do not believe that any data that has been loaded after September 24, 2015 is reliable.  The Data Warehouse team had planned to decommission the Data Warehouse after the November 5, 2015 nightly batch process as the SMART system will be upgraded to version 9.2 and move to a hosted environment at that time.  The Data Warehouse team worked diligently to implement a replacement software package titled BI Analytics in order to have something in place prior to go-live but unfortunately, due to software issues outside of our control, the BI Analytics implementation was delayed.  The Data Warehouse will be available to agencies to review historical data until December 17, 2015.

The Data Warehouse team has resumed the initiative to implement the BI Analytics software on a newer, more stable release and plans on having some financial-related analytics available during the first quarter of next year.  We understand this may create a hardship for some agencies and in order to assist during this down time we plan to create reporting options out of SMART for any data that your agency indicates you have no other way of obtaining except from the Data Warehouse.

We would like to learn more about the reports you have developed within the Data Warehouse to meet critical business needs for your agency that you have not been able to find via another source.   For any critical reports that you have developed we would like for you to provide us with answers to the following questions:




Job Title:

Working Title:

Email Address:



  • Report Name:
  • Report Purpose and Description:
  • Report Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Calendar Year, Fiscal Year, Quarterly, Monthly, On Demand, Other-Explain)


  • Is this a Summary, Transaction Detail, Combination report?


  • Is the report used for:
    • Internal Agency
    • State
    • Federal
    • Regulation or Statutory
    • Legislative
    • Audit
    • Non-Federal Grant
    • Kansas Open Records Act
    • Court Orders or Legal Proceedings
    • Other


  • At what level is this report used:
    • Operations (Day-to-Day Operations of Organization, Small Program Management, Unit/Team Management)
    • Tactical (Division Directors, Large Program Manager, Large Team Manager, Project Management)
    • Strategic (Agency Head, Multiple Divisions, Legislative, Statewide, etc)


  • Do you send this report to anyone specific? Y/N
    • If Yes:
      • Who?
      • How do you send it?
      • What do they use the report for?
      • Do they use it for analysis or combine it with other reports?
      • Is the report loaded into another agency system, such as an Access database?
      • Do you know if they send the report on to other people?


  • Is this report used as a source for other reports? Y/N


Please send your answers and/or questions to Kristine Scott, BI Developer/Analyst at and put the word ‘Data Warehouse’ in the subject line.  Kristine will contact you if we have questions or require additional documentation.

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