Announcements - Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence is Available!

Data Warehouse has been completely reloaded and is now available

After the SHARP upgrade, the Data Warehouse required an entire reload. We are pleased to announce that the Data Warehouse has been completely reloaded and is now available for the Subject Areas listed below:

  • AR -KS Deposits
  • AP -KS Vouchers and Payments
  • Commitment Control Activity Log
  • Commitment Control Budget Balances
  • Project Transactions
  • Employee Job
  • Time and Labor (Payable Time)
  • Payroll Other Earnings (All Regular and Other Earnings for all agencies are now in this Subject Area)

**Requests for Regular and Overtime that were previously built in Payroll Earnings will need to be rebuilt in Payroll Other Earnings using the regular and overtime Earnings Codes or Groups.

**The Payroll Earnings dashboard has been updated to pull data from Payroll Other Earnings.

  • Payroll Earnings (Historical only)

Subject Areas not listed above are still in the data validation process. You will see Dashboards and requests for them, but since they are turned off, you will receive an error if run them.

We will be sending out more messages when additional subject areas are available. You can also view the Home Dashboard notices section for announcements.

Thank you for your patience during this reload.

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing Team

*If you experience any issues with the Data Warehouse, please log a ticket with the Service Desk and choose the Data Warehouse category.