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FY18 KK Expenditure & Encumbrance Queries

The SMART Team is pleased to announce that the FY18 KK (Commitment Control) expenditure and encumbrance queries are now available.

The queries are currently limited to expenditure and encumbrance data since revenue information is not yet complete for FY18. Revenue information will be added after the completion of ‘deposits in transit’ on July 6 and more queries will become available at that time. 

Please note that an additional field has been added this year: SNAPSHOT_YEAR. This field will be used to determine the year in which the data was collected. For example, users will need to enter ‘2018’ to retrieve this year’s data.

An updated Job Aid for the KS_KK_LEDGER_FY## query can be found on SMARTWeb under ‘KK queries’ in the Commitment Control training section: