Announcements - Asset Management

Thursday, 5/31/2018 is the last day of the month (FY 2018, Period 11) and in preparation of fiscal year end closing

Thursday, 5/31/2018 is the last day of the month (FY 2018, Period 11).

Fiscal year end is also rapidly approaching.

Agencies are reminded of the Month End Checklists that are available to help identify and cleanup errors and outstanding transactions in SMART.

Month End Checklists can be found on the SMART Web website: SMART Web > Month End Checklists

    • Accounts Receivable Month End Checklist
    • Accounts Payable Month End Checklist
    • Asset Management Month End Checklist
    • GL Month End Checklist
    • PO Month End Checklist
    • Travel & Expense Month End Checklist

In preparation of fiscal year end closing, the SMART Team is actively working to assist agencies. ManageEngine Service Desk tickets will be sent to agencies as outstanding or incomplete transactions are found. The transactions identified by the SMART Team will likely be just a subset of the outstanding, incomplete or incorrect transactions agencies will identify between now and the end of the fiscal year.

Agencies are also reminded the PO module will be open Friday, 6/1/2018 for FY 2019.

  • Beginning Friday, 6/1/2018 agencies may submit a ManageEngine Service Desk ticket requesting the budget date on the requisition be changed to a FY 2019 date.
  • Once the budget date has been changed, select the ‘Save & Submit’ button on the requisition.
  • The requisition will source to a PO; however, the PO will not pass budget check until the FY 2019 appropriation budget is loaded and posted in SMART.

For more detail regarding fiscal year end, Informational Circular 18-A-008 can be found on the Department of Administration website: Closing of Fiscal Year 2018 and Opening of Fiscal Year 2018 in SMART

If you have questions for the SMART Team, please create a ManageEngine Service Desk ticket.