Data Warehouse

What is the Data Warehouse?

The Data Warehouse is a flexible reporting tool that allows SMART users to create custom queries to meet their agency's unique needs. Information in the Data Warehouse is updated nightly and remains static throughout regular SMART business hours.

Data Warehouse - Web Based Training

Following is a link to the Data Warehouse Web Based Training Course.  Click the Course Title to navigate to the Course Page.  

Each Web Based Training Course Page contains the Course Lessons and the Course Assessment for that particular web based training course.  

Please complete the Course Lessons in the order in which they appear on the Course Page.  After you have completed the Course Lessons you may then complete the Course Assessment.

(Note:  If you do not take the Course Lessons in the order in which they appear on the Course page, you will not be able to take the Course Assessment.  In fact, you will have to take the Course Lessons again!).

After you have completed the Course Assessment, a 'Certificate of Completion' will appear.  Please give your 'Certificate of Completion' to your Supervisor (either print it out or email it - ask your Agency's Training Liaison which option to use).  

If you have any questions about the Web Based Training Courses, please contact your Agency's Training Liaison.

Thank you and happy training!

Data Warehouse - On The Job Training (Facilitated by Agency staff)

Agency trainers:  Please click the following link to open and access the On-The Job Training Guide (Participant Guide) for Ad Hoc Business Intelligence Reporting.  Thank you.

SRP301: Ad Hoc Business Intelligence Participant Guide (851 KB) [.pdf]

How to Access the Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse is accessed from SMART. Users must be logged into SMART and click on the "Data Warehouse" link towards the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu:

Data Warehouse link image

This will open a new window and take the user to the Data Warehouse Home Dashboard page. From here, users can access a number of subject areas (e.g. Voucher and Payments) and run pre-existing queries or build new ones for their agency:

Data Warehouse Home Dashboard image